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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my license valid?

When purchased you will have a 2 year license on the most current Life Unplugged downloads. contact Life Unplugged Today!

Is Life Unplugged only for school use?

No, Life Unplugged is used by many organizations and youth groups trying to help students be prepared for life choices and how to balance everything responsibly.

What all does Life Unplugged cover?

Life Unplugged includes 15 stations that cover career, taxes, loans, housing, transportation, utilities, food, clothing, child care, insurance, medical, dental, personal care, travel/entertainment, savings and investments. There is a brief demo available on this site to give you an idea of how Life Unplugged works.

Do the files need to be printed professionally?

No. The files provided to you can be printed professionally or easily printed from your desktop printer. Posters are provided in Large 22” x 35” and Small 8.5” x 11”. (If using the 8.5" x 11" posters all of your materials can be stored in a carrying case to bring to an event.)  Stand up clear plastic holders for this size can be purchased at any store that carries menu holders.

Is teachers information provided?

Yes, there is a Teacher's Guide and a Script provided to read to students with directions.

Is Life Unplugged affiliated with Reality Store?

Life Unplugged is the new Reality Store. If you have used Reality Store before you will be glad to hear it has only been updated to Life Unplugged.

How long does Life Unplugged take for students to complete?

This depends on how you deliver the program and what aspects you include. There are suggested lessons, where students can research careers and housing, assess their likes and dislikes and determine what type of career they might see themselves in.