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Life Unplugged

Lesson Details

A School-To-Work Activity

Connection to the classroom

    • social studies (money management, fiscal responsibility)
    • math skills
    • communication skills
    • problem solving
    • decision making (prioritizing)
    • goal setting
    • career awareness

Pre-Life Unplugged® Lesson Plans

Discussion of career options, determine how much post-high
school education you plan to pursue

Values survey is available as a separate purchase it contains 104 statements students categorize in the areas of family, adventure, security, etc. A summary sheet explains each category and gives the answers that create a unique personal profile for each individual.  - It also leads to discussions and can create many thoughtful writing projects for teachers to use as separate lesson plans.

Teachers can schedule time to Review how a checkbook works - basic adding and subtracting

Lessons on Choosing a career can utilize the library, MOIS, interviews, and/or Internet programs like Career Cruising and the State Labor statistical reports (www.michigan.gov). To research military career options, please visit: http://www1.salary.com/Military-Salaries.html.

Attendees to Life Unplugged® - must choose a career before attending.  This can be accomplished by reviewing the many carers listed in the program, or can be done through other sources available on line as listed above.

Complete evaluation and receive certificate at the end.  Certificates can be pre-printed with students names or downloaded, copied and signed at the time of the program.

Post Life Unplugged® Lesson Plans


To evaluate the impact Life Unplugged® has on students’ attitudes, expectations, and goals. To reinforce the need to make good choices NOW (stay in school, take appropriate classes, stay off drugs, avoid pregnancy) in order to preserve the ability to choose from a wide variety of choices LATER when establishing a career, family and lifestyle.

Following the program teachers and students are free to set up discussions, assign writing, or have students discuss the program with adults to see how they made decisions on careers and educational planning (or how they "wish" they had planned)